OARC archives copies of TLD zone files on a weekly basis from registries that make them available. We are currently archiving:

  • root
  • com
  • net
  • org
  • info
  • biz
  • name
  • asia
  • aero
  • arpa

Data for most of the zones goes back to March 2009. DNS-OARC members have access to the TLD zone files and may undertake their own research provided they agree to handle the data under the guidelines signed between the zone provider and DNS-OARC. As with other OARC data, zone files must remain on the OARC server and may not be copied to another system. DNS-OARC participants may not incorporate the DNS-OARC sponsored TLD zone file data or the systems supporting the TLD zone files project as part of a commercial offering. Research, conclusions, papers and presentations based on this DNS-OARC sponsored project are permitted provided they abide by the data sharing and system usage guidelines of the DNS-OARC participation agreement and the TLD zone file agreement. Acknowledgment must be given to DNS-OARC for any published work derived from this project.