On January 27, 2010, ICANN and Verisign began a phased rollout of DNSSEC in the root zone. DNS-OARC was contracted by ICANN to co-ordinate data collection from the root zone servers during the rollout and to provide analysis of three key changes: changes in reply sizes, potential signs of path MTU issues, and changes in TCP query rates.

DNS-OARC collected data from nine distinct phases of the rollout including pre and post rollout baselines, the six phased introductions of the DURZ across the root-servers, and, finally, for a period surrounding the July 15th distribution of the validatable, production, signed root zone and the publication of the root zone trust anchor.

This activity resulted in 17.4 TB of compressed pcap files which are available to DNS-OARC members for further research and analysis.

Some of the data has been presented at various conferences and here on the website but we are pleased to announce the availability of the final report.

Deployment of DNSSEC in the Root Zone: Impact Analysis