Last week David Conrad of ICANN asked if I could make DSC show the EDNS buffer sizes advertized by clients. This is now available in DSC versions dated after 2008-08-22. Furthermore, the new version is running on the F-root collector nodes. The breakdown of buffer sizes looked different than I remembered for recent DITL data, so I generated some graphs for the 2006 through 2008 DITL data (F-root nodes) using the same size ranges.

January 2006

January 2007

March 2008

August 2008

The trend is good news. Back in Jan 2007, 50% of queries did not indicate any EDNS support. 20% had bufsiz=2048, and 30% had bufsiz=4096. Now we have about 65% of queries with bufsiz=4096, while 35% still don't support EDNS. DW