Programme Committee Members

DNS-OARC has a Programme Committee of 7 volunteers whose role is to solicit and review material for OARC Workshops and other meetings. The current members are:

Name Organization Role
Petr Špaček ISC Chair
Hazel Smith   Co-Chair
Ray Bellis ISC Board Liaison
Ben Schwartz Meta Member
Cathy Almond ISC Member
John Todd Quad9 Member
Puneet Sood Google Member
Raffaele Sommese UTwente Member
Suzanne Woolf Public Interest Registry Member
Tijay Chung   Member

Programme Committee Charter

The content of DNS-OARC workshops is selected by a program committee (PC) comprised of individuals from the DNS-OARC community.


The PC is responsible for:

  • Writing a "call for presentations" (CFP) prior to each workshop.
  • Promoting the CFP and soliciting presentations from the community.
  • Evaluating the submissions to decide which presentations to accept or reject.
  • Interacting with submitters and documenting accepted/rejected presentations.
  • Scheduling the presentations at the workshop.
  • Chairing the sessions and introducing speakers.
  • Participating in post-meeting evaluations.

PC members are encouraged to attend the workshops. PC members are not compensated. The Board is responsible for meeting logistics, such as the scheduling of workshops, selection of venues, Internet access, webcasting, refreshments, and sponsorships. The Board may request the PC's input on logistics matters from time-to-time. DNS-OARC workshops often have private, "members-only" sessions. The members-only session will be jointly programmed by the Board and the PC.



The PC shall consist of:

  • Seven (7) voting members appointed by the DNS-OARC Board of Directors.
  • A Board member acting as Liaison and advisor (non-voting).
  • The DNS-OARC President (non-voting, participation optional).

Nominations and Appointments

The DNS-OARC Board of Directors shall issue a call for PC nominations at its annual Fall meeting (coinciding with Board elections). Persons may self-nominate, or be nominated by another individual. A member of the Board shall confirm each nominee's willingness to participate in the PC. The Board shall appoint PC members at the start of each calendar year. The Board shall endeavor to appoint a majority of PC members from the DNS-OARC membership. The Board may remove PC members at any time for reasons of non-performance and may fill vacancies at any time as needed.

Terms Individuals are appointed to serve on the PC for terms of 1 year. An individual may serve no more than 3 consecutive terms.


Chairman The PC shall choose its chairman at the start of each calendar year.


Meetings The PC shall hold monthly meetings (conference calls), beginning approximately 5 months prior to each semi-annual workshop. PC meetings shall be minuted and minutes made available to the PC and Board.


Voting The PC shall evaluate workshop submissions, deciding which to accept or reject, by using an appropriate online voting tool (such as Indico).


Version 1.0 2014-07-08

Proposals and submissions for OARC Programme material are always welcome, the PC can be contacted via

A PDF version of the Programme Committee Charter is available here.