During the 2018 OARC Annual General Meeting OARC Members will be electing three seats on the OARC Board of Directors. The seats becoming available are doing so on the following basis:

  • The Board seat for APNIC, is held by George Michaelson, who served for two-years and is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat for CIRA, is held by Jacques Latour, who has served for two-years, and is up for election by rotation.
  • The Board seat for CZ.NIC, currently held by Jaromir Talir, has been occupied for two-years and is up for election by rotation.

Note that OARC Board seats elected from 2018 onwards will be held by individuals, not Member organization representatives

The candidates and their election platforms are given below.


Paul Ebersman (Neustar)

I've been building and supporting internet infrastructure since 1984, when I was in the US Air Force, and large scale DNS since 1990, as an early employee of UUNET. I have continued this involvement over the years, including working at ISC, Nominum, Infoblox and Neustar.

I have been on the OARC Program Committee and Board previously.

Jacques Latour (CIRA)

I have been on the DNS-OARC board as Treasurer since October 2016 and looking forward to return for another term.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). I’m responsible for CIRA Labs and for providing leadership and direction for the management and security of the .CA registry and its underlying DNS, critical components of Canada’s national Internet infrastructure. I am also a very active contributor to the Canadian and international Internet communities. Since 2012, I’ve spearheaded CIRA’s very successful initiative to encourage and support the development of a national, robust network of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to diminish Canada’s unnecessary dependence on out-of-country infrastructure, enhance domestic Internet performance and decrease costs. I also served as the catalyst for the creation of a national Canadian IXP association, CA-IX, and I have been a board member of the Manitoba Internet Exchange’s (MBIX.CA) since 2013, of Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX.CA) since March 2018 and of Ottawa-Gatineau Internet Exchange (OGIX.CA) since April 2018.

Beyond my deep technical knowledge, it is through my 20+ years of experience as an IT executive and corporate officer that I hope to continue my contribution to the DNS-OARC board. I understand the day to day challenges of a ‘small business’ like DNS-OARC faces in terms of making sure the bills get paid while at the same time delivering high quality services. I believe that my business and management experience continue to be useful in addressing these challenges.

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqueslatour/

Disclosure: CIRA donates colocation space and transit to DNS-OARC for their backup infrastructure.

George Michaelson (APNIC)

George is a research scientist at APNIC and has been actively involved in DNS-OARC and DNS research in general over the years.  George has most recently been a board member for two concurrent terms under the older 'member' model and is now standing as an individual for a third, term-limited period.

I want to continue to maintain DNS OARC as the neutral point meeting place for discussions of DNS related research, and as an entity holding and collecting data for exploring the questions which DNS as a service, namespace and protocol is facing. I think its immensely valuable to the wider community. I believe the board should be a support to the paid staff, and empower them and the volunteers who run the PC and meetings and related activities to get on with the job

Jaromir Talir (CZ.NIC)

I'm involved in DNS business for last 12 years, all the time in CZ.NIC's jersey. Over that period, I've been working on different positions related to CZ registry and DNS infrastructure operations. Last two years I've been also serving as co-chair of CENTR Technical Working group. In DNS-OARC Board, I'd like to continue providing ccTLD's view of DNS-OARC role.