OARC Spring 2014 Workshop and EGM (Warsaw)

The agenda for DNS-OARC's 2014 Spring Workshop and Member EGM on the 10th and 11th May, in Warsaw, Poland is now available here. This will be held at the same location the subsequent RIPE68 meeting, and we're grateful to Microsoft and Verisign for being our main sponsors for this workshop. Our talks include a study of Open Resolvers, on detection of Botnet Domains, and on connection-oriented improvements to DNS security.

New TLD Applicants Make Major Infrastructure Donation to DNS-OARC

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce we have received a substantial one-off equipment donation from a number of its Members in common with the the New TLD Applicant Group.

This is allowing these and other OARC members to perform independent analysis on OARC's Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) data-set, to further understand the results of ICANN's " High-Risk Strings Collisions" study.

DNS-OARC Supports High-Risks Strings Collisions Studies

As well as running twice-yearly workshops, various public benefit tools and inter-member co-operation platforms, OARC operates a number of large-scale data gathering initiatives, which collect data from its members' infrastructure. One of these, initiated in 2004 in co-operation with CAIDA and funded by the NSF, is a "Day in the Life of the Internet"" (DITL). This gathers detailed data-sets of DNS queries to root and top-level DNS operators for a 48-hour period at least once a year.

Verisign Make Major Donation in Support of DNS-OARC

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce that we have received a substantial one-off donation from <a href="http://www.verisign.com">Verisign</a> to assist with OARC development.
This, together with future member meeting sponsorship support as well as higher than expected rates of member upgrades and premium renewals, has allowed us to revise our 2013 budget on a notably increased revenue base.
Verisign's donation is being used for two main purposes:<ul>

New Root Operator Representative Appointed to OARC Board

After more than 4 years of service to DNS-OARC, Matt Larson of Verisign recently took the decision to stand down as the Root Operator's representative to the OARC Board. After deliberation, OARC's Root Servers Advisory Committee has decided to appoint John Crain, representing ICANN/L-Root, as his replacement. DNS-OARC would like to congratulate John on his appointment and to thank Matt for his contribution and commitment.

Names Without Dots

ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee recently solicited input (again) on the issue of "Dotless Domains." A fellow OARC member asked me if I could generate a list of the top 50,000 dotless domains seen at the root name servers. This type of data is available in the annual Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) collections that OARC performs annually. I ran the analys is for the April 2012 data. Out of 30.1 billion queries in the data set, 1.76 billion (5.8%) were queries for single-label names. Here are the top 20:
Rank  Count        Query
====  ===========  =====================
   1  287,650,115  local
   2   31,698,784  localhost
   3   16,562,544  wpad
   4   13,367,843  com
   5   12,983,976  ru
   6    8,970,691  _nfsv4idmapdomain
   7    5,490,837  net
   8    4,416,080  \032
   9    4,187,822  org
  10    3,372,632  mail
  11    2,776,746  de
  12    2,658,933  uk
  13    1,940,390  unifi
  14    1,795,716  jp
  15    1,725,496  yotaaccessinterface
  16    1,679,345  mybooklive
  17    1,507,665  pl
  18    1,406,996  http
  19    1,294,151  arpa
  20    1,264,372  helvetica,